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Luxury Car Delivery Service

Luxury Car Delivery Service

Services luxury car shipping or we often mention the service or send cars with cargo is an expedition service company that serves the delivery of cars either local (in the city) or between islands, even international scale through and delivery lines of land and sea. In line with the increasing demand for car shipping by customers, more and more companies are freight forwarding services in major cities. Of course with the advantages of facilities and services respectively. With the increasing number of shipping companies, car shipping certainly triggered the many scams quibble delivery services professional car shipping.

Avoid Scams by choosing Expedition Services as follows:

Have Legal and Official Website

Choose a car delivery service that has legality in the form of a clear operating license and office address. Conduct a direct investigation into the company’s office address and make sure there is a systematic service in it. Also make sure the company has an official website that contains content around the activity of sending the car from the departure schedule of the car carrier, car towing, cargo plane, or another transport fleet.

Has a Flying Clock

Experience is one of the keys to a company’s success, and armed with that experience, the freight forwarding company gets full trust from customers. For that before choosing, make sure the car service company has high flying hours so that its reputation has been recognized by many people. This is important because expedition services that are less professional sometimes do not fully protect the sent cars. The hours covered here include many things like the experience of taking care of delivery documents to the port and also the experience of drivers for the door to door service, door to port service, or port to door service. Experienced drivers are certainly able to protect the cars sent during the trip.

Providing Insurance

For the use of ships choose the services of car transport in cooperation with a trusted insurance company. With the insurance system, the possibility of a customer will incur an additional charge. However, insurance is the best option considering the car may be delivered is worth very high. By itself, insurance claims can be made when the car is damaged or lost during the delivery trip.

In cooperation with Leading Shipping Company

For inter-island archipelagoes or places that can not be reached by ground fleets, you should choose a professional freight forwarder company that cooperates with a reputable shipping company. It is important to ensure that the car shipped is transported by a proper ship and experienced in the delivery of goods or cars.

The four points above are only a small part of the effort to minimize the scam impersonation of car transport services company. Of course, there are many other things to look out for the greater given the potential fraud in line with the increasing number of car distribution outside the city or outside the island. The point in choosing a trusted trusty expedition is just careful, conscientious, and most importantly not tempted by the irrelevant cheap price.… Read more

The Formation of New Generation M3 BMW Caught Camera

The Formation of New Generation M3 BMW Caught Camera

Photos of the latest generation of BMW M3 has started circulating in cyberspace. Unfortunately, the new M3 body is still wrapped with full camouflage stickers, making it difficult to see what the difference. But from some details, can be inferred changes to the body of the sixth-generation M3’s. As quoted from the site Motor1, BMW M3 new generation (G80) later look slightly more athletic.

M3 new generation

At a glance, the M3 tested in cold air is no different from the M3 that is still sold today. But if viewed more closely, there is little difference. The fender section is a bit more sticky. That could mean the new M3 will wear a wider wheel.

The part of his face was covered in tight camouflage, so it was impossible to know the size of the main headlamps and the grille. The stern part was so, only clearly visible four mouthpiece exhaust. Seeing the M3 as a high-performance car, BMW may provide a diffuser around the new M3 exhaust funnel later to improve its sporty appearance. Most likely LED lights mounted on the front and rear of the new generation M3.

Latest M3

For the mechanical heart is reportedly M3 still use the same engine, 6-cylinder inline 3.0-liter. But there is an additional 48-volt lightweight hybrid system. The system is said to increase engine power to 500 hp. That means, an increase of 75 hp compared to standard M3 F80 variants. In addition, the new M3 can follow in the footsteps of M5’s older brother, using four-wheel drive. But that’s an optional xDrive offer. Medium use of CLAR’s new architecture can cut significant weight.

The new generation BMW M3 is expected to emerge next year, with production and sales by 2020. Even so, it is confirmed that BMW M3 F80 production will end in May this year. The reason, because of the new regulations Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), which has a high standard procedure for pollution and emissions. The BMW M3 F80 is reportedly not meeting WLTP standards. That way, all production is stopped and BMW focuses directly on 3-Series and M3 new generation. While M4 is still not affected by WLTP and still continued production… Read more