How To Overcome The Damaged Car Window

How To Overcome The Damaged Car Window

Car window glass is one of the components that serve as a shield and also as air circulation when closed Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida will protect you from dirty air or rainwater while driving but if your windshield is opened it will cause air circulation. in your car cabin

At least we all know Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida it’s always open and closed when needed, but there are some cases where the windshield using automatic power window power is sometimes a bit difficult when it opens or closes again. It can get stuck and does not move at all after opening. It is sometimes very annoying to you when you pay toll tickets or throw something, of course, you will open and close your windshield and jammed!

Sometimes many people say that the power window system in the car is damaged, but the calibration did not cause windows power until your car winds up jammed. Apparently, the cause is on the windshield that expands when exposed to heat can also be rubbed on the window glass of your car has hardened, this is due to the age of the car windshield or weather factor. Well, this is what makes your car glass hard and cause strong winds and cars less than the maximum when closed.
But there are several ways to overcome this simple thing

Let’s look at some ways below to overcome your windshield drag and jam.

The first thing you need to prepare before undertaking the problem is, provide the first tools you will need such as cooking oil, white plastic that usually packs cooking oil and pine needles. after all is ready then we go to the second street

Put the cooking oil into white plastic used to wrap cooking oil. After that make a hole in the tip of plastic cooking oil so that cooking oil can get out of plastic cooking oil.

The last way to spray little by little at the end of the window rail / groove your car with cooking oil, do not be too much ‘try slowly and little by little. and do not forget the glass of the car also on top and bottom so that the cooking oil is evenly distributed and inside the glass car of your car. Up here should your car window glass feel better and smooth if operated? easy is not it?

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